2014 Goals – The Originals

As I mentioned last time, I made some New Years goals for 2014.  I still can’t find the notebook I put them in, but I did manage to dig them up from the depths of my iPhone notes app.

1) Plan my meals.  When I do, I eat better and feel better.  And it’s so much less stressful.
2) Eat at the table. Come on, you’re an adult.  And stop eating when you’re full.
3) Find a new job.
4) Half Marathon. Ice, stretch, repeat. Follow the plan.
I vaguely remember these 🙂

So how’s it going?

1) Meal planning… some days are better than others.  Sometimes I plan on the weekend for a week full of delicious meals.  Other days, like last night, consist of crackers and cream cheese with an egg on the side.
2) Eating at the table… This is harder than it should be.  I live with a roommate, and sometimes after work I need to be by myself.  If she’s already at the table or watching TV I head into my room.  And, sometimes an episode of West Wing during dinner is perfect.
3) Find a new job… done!  That was a long time coming, but I did it! And I love it!
4) Half marathon… done! And it was so exciting (sarcasm) that I signed up for another! Icing and stretching got a little questionable during training.  As did following the training plan.  I got all my long runs in, but some of the week day runs fell by the wayside.

Considering 2014 is over half over (whaaaaat?), I’m going to have to re-work these, both to reevaluate the ones that need help, and work on the ones that are completed! Come back soon!


2 thoughts on “2014 Goals – The Originals

  1. Wow! It seems like just yesterday every blogger was putting up New Years goals – can’t believe the year is half over! That’s great about your goals. It really helps to check in with yourself sometimes.


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