Running Group Re-Group

I haven’t spent a weekend at home in over a month. I love summer, but WOW. This has been crazy. First was a road trip to help a darling friend craft centerpieces for her wedding. Then I took a trip to Iowa to see family. The following weekend was another road trip to visit family in Wisconsin aaaand back home for a bachelorette party. Next, which was last weekend, was the big wedding day for this bride we’ve been celebrating. Crazy fun, crazy exhausting. This weekend? Home.

And I got to meet up with some running buddies Saturday morning! Fantastic time to chat about life, catch up, and get in a run on a local trail.

Saturday Run


One quick week back though, and then I’m outie from the Saturday morning runs with these guys for quite a while.  I’m on vacation next week (more on that soon!), and following that my half marathon training group starts up, and they meet at basically the same time.  It’s a bummer, but I’m excited for the new training group! I trained for the last one all by my lonesome, so I’m excited for comrades.

Hope you’re all having fabulous weekends!


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