2014 Goals, Part 2

My 2014 goals are 50% complete, and 50% forgotten.  Time for a redo!

1) I’m going to stick with the idea of meal planning.  I just don’t think that any time soon I will be a person who sits down with a pen and paper, decides on recipes and makes shopping lists, etc.  Now, if you are that person, you are amazing, and I envy you.  But I’ve tried that in the past and it turned out to be a lot of pressure! I felt like I was failing at meal planning.  If I can start off the week with food in my fridge to make a few meals, I’m doing great and I’ll feel good about it.  Those Sunday evenings where I go to the fridge to pack Monday’s lunch and I find ketchup and barely anything that ever grew in the ground are terrible and need to end.

2) Vary my work outs! If you had asked me January 1st what kind of exercise I’d be doing this year I would have said running. Period.  Maaaaybe with a few elliptical sessions and strength training thrown in there.  Since then, I have discovered weight training (is there anything more empowering than bench pressing?!), the rowing machine at the gym and… yoga.  Love yoga.  I have really seen improvements in how much I can lift and in my yoga classes.  I now only topple over once or twice a class, as opposed to before when I’d topple over multiples times a pose.  Baby steps, folks.  So I want to keep going with my new discoveries, and maybe I’ll even find something new and exciting!

3) Half marathon.  But wait, you say, she said she completed this goal?!  Yeah, I did! Finished my first back in May.  When I wrote out those goals in January I was terrified of a half marathon, couldn’t figure out what I got myself into.  Little did I know that 2014 would contain TWO half marathons! I’m registered for another in November.  While I completed my goal of simply finishing the race, there were a ton of things on that day that were a mess.  Some were rookie mistakes (and I knew it as I was making them! But I told myself, “aaahh… it will be fiiiiine.” Famous last words) and some were completely out of my control, like the necessary addition of cough drops and day quil to my running belt.  So with the second half, I’m taking another shot; no more rookie mistakes, and hopefully I won’t be so dang ill!

So that’s it!  Kind of broad, but I’m excited.  They’ll be ways to incorporate more well-rounded healthy habits, rather than just focusing on one specific item at a time, which is a life goal anyway!

How are your 2014 goals going?  Did you have a mid-year re-do, re-group of your goals?



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