Softball and Spinning – Treat Yourself Tuesday!

One of my revised 2014 Goals was to keep varying my work outs and learning new things. When a friend texted and said her co-ed softball team was short some ladies and could I help out, I jumped at the chance! I showed up to their pre-game warmups and tried to remember how to catch a ball. It’s only been a good 10 years since I’ve tried to play softball or baseball. It took me a while before I remembered some of my skills, and was perfectly mediocre. Ha! I swung the bat a few times, and actually hit it most of the time! A few hits down the 3rd base line, too. Of course that was only during practice. I did manage to hit the ball every time I was up to bat, but as I learned, 1st base is far away, and they managed to throw me out at first every time. Boooo. I did score a run though! You have to bat boy-girl-boy-girl (which makes me think of this totally unrelated, spectacular movie), and if a guy walks, the girl behind gets to walk too. Woo! I got on base! And then with another walk, I got to 3rd. Aaaand with one more walk I got all the way home to scoooooore! Is it totally fun? Yes. Was it because of anything I did? Absolutely not. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. But I certainly found some softball-throwing muscles in my arm and some bat-swinging muscles in my back that are apparently never used. The next day at work, whenever I moved my hand from my mouse to my keyboard, my whole arm sure felt heavy!

My next new fitness adventure was a return to a cycle class! I have now officially gone to a cycle class three entire times. Ha! I went twice about a year and a half ago, but the class was at kind of an inconvenient time with my work schedule. I now have a new job and some of the classes align better with my new schedule. I was also in the market for bike shorts. I finally found some inexpensive ones to give a try. I just couldn’t rationalize the $50+ price tag for something I didn’t know if I would stick with. Once they came in the mail, I made plans to go to the next class I could (and drug the boyfriend along for his first class!) It was just as good of a workout as I remembered! I will admit though, I could have pushed myself harder. Don’t get me wrong, I was sweating and my legs were tired! But I didn’t want to hurt myself. I haven’t been in so long, I’m mid-training for another half… yeah yeah, excuses excuses. But now that I know how my body responds, I know I can push a little more next time!



Because these workouts were such a treat, I think I’ll link up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Do you play any rec league sports?
I just might have to find my own team to join. That was fun!


6 thoughts on “Softball and Spinning – Treat Yourself Tuesday!

  1. Great job getting out there and trying new things!!! I love when putting yourself out there turns out to be a blast. 🙂 I play several rec sports-indoor volleyball year round and sand in the summer months. I also play some random sports for corporate challenge (where companies in the city field teams for various sports)-5k, half marathon, track, soccer, flag football, volleyball, etc.


    • Kat says:

      Wow! That’s impressive. I wanna try flag football now! My last company participated in the Corporate Challenge 5k, but I was never able to go… I always wanted to though!


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