Beach Running Memories

Happy Friday, folks!

I’m off on a family vacation, ‘cabin-ing’ as I’ve been calling it.  I’ve been told I can’t call it camping, if we’re not staying in a tent. But there will be family, fishing and relaxation.  And laughing, lots of laughing.

This has inspired flashbacks to last year’s summer vacation, the same week.  Last year we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  This year we’re in middle-of-nowhere Northern Wisconsin.  Vastly different, equally as awesome.

We rented a house on the beach last year, woke up to the sound of ocean waves, and had a ton of fun (and sunburns).  To a Midwestern girl, the waves sounded like magic.  This was the view; beach chair, the sound of waves and a cup of coffee.  Perfection.

Beach View


But what is vacation with out some running with a view?  I had never run on the beach before, and I went twice while we were there.

Observation number 1: HOT.  And by hot I mean humid. So humid.  Even if I went at 7 am each time.  Clearly I needed to go earlier.


Observation number 2: It’s hard! I didn’t know where to run on the sand.  Up too far on the sand, and it’s too soft to not fall over.  Down farther towards the water, where the sand was firmer, my shoes got attacked with water if I wasn’t paying attention to extra large waves.  Which I often wasn’t, considering I was trying not to fall over in the sand.



Even through the heat, humidity, and hard work.  It was a lot of fun.  Hopefully I’m getting in some good vacation work outs this year too!


What about you?  Do you work out on vacation?  Do you run on the beach?


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