Half Training, Month 1

The first month of my half marathon training has come and gone. Unfortunately, this month of training only held three weeks of running.  Whoops.  More on that later.

My training plan starts out slow.  I mean really slow.  But that’s just how I like it.  I’m using the same training plan I used for my last half; I liked it and it worked well.  By that I mean, I crossed the finish line.

The first week of the plan calls for a total of 3.5 miles in the week.  Woo!  Got that in the bag, plus a day of weight training and two yoga classes.  Two yoga classes in a week almost never happens, and it was a treat.


Week two called for weekly mileage of 4.5, and I snuck in 6.85, plus one day of weights and a day at the driving range (that’s cross-training, right?).  What put me over mileage goal was a run with a friend.  There are some trails near my work’s office, so  she met me there after work and we took off.  We were chatting and running and ended up with a nice round 5k.  Saturday night was a friend’s wedding… dancing is cross training too, right?

Week three the plan says 6 miles, and put in 6.1.  For cross-training I had, a day at the gym with rowing and weights, a day with a yoga class and then the softball game I subbed for.  I also ran the Watermelon Virtual 5k hosted by Jess of Run With Jess.

Week four… I fell off the train.  Plan said 7 miles…. I ran a whopping zero.  Yes,  zero miles.  One should not run zero miles during half training, but I did.  I did do a spin class on that Monday, though.  Then I left for vacation immediately after work on Wednesday.  I hauled all of my workout gear up to the north woods of Wisconsin with the best intentions.  Alas, I never used it.  We did some hiking and lots of fishing, so I didn’t have zero physical movement on vacation, but no runs.  When I ran on vacation last year, I got up before everyone else and got my runs in.  However, this time when we were fishing we were getting up early.  It was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed to go fish, let alone up earlier to run and then go fish.  Excuses, excuses, I know.

So there’s month one! 3 months to go!


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