Friday Five: Fall Preview

It’s time for Friday Five, folks! Once again, I’m joining the Friday Five link up with the ladies of Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up For What and Mar on the Run.  Earlier this week I had been thinking about making a fall bucket list, but decided it could wait. I’m working on getting excited for fall, but I also feel like summer just got here! I’ve still got one thing to check off my summer bucket list… I want to make it to one more baseball game! But when the Friday Five theme was announced, “Fall Preview,” I decided it was time to think about fall!

But quickly before fall… head over HERE to see what I was up to during summer! (I am going to miss summer…)

Fall Bucket List
1) Finish my half marathon training and run the race! After an extraordinarily humid Chicago weekend, it will be nice to run in slightly cooler weather! (But not yet! I’m not done with summer yet!) I blame this pace on the heat and humidity!

Holy Humidity!

Holy Humidity!

2) Take a hike in crunchy leaves. I love walking through the woods with perfect fall sun with crunch leaves underfoot. The company doesn’t hurt either.

3) Make chai teas lattes and pumpkin lattes at home! Last year I started making chai lattes at home with instruction from Cassie over at Back to Her Roots, and they are delicious! Two years ago I had attempted a pumpkin latte (also from Back to Her Roots), and it was a bit of a failure, but I want to master it this year.

4) One other shorter race. I love fall, and fall mornings are even better. I love the crisp air. There’s no better way to enjoy mornings than with a race! I’ve been trying to find one for boyfriend and I to run that fits around my half training, his crazy work travel schedules, and other various commitments like a cousin’s wedding. So far… I haven’t had much luck. But I’m working on it!

5) Trip to the farm! My family has a farm in the boonies, and it’s a pretty great place to go. One weekend last year I went and hung out with my family to pick apples and grapes. We made our goodies into grape jelly, grape juice and apple cider. Boyfriend and I took some of the grape juice and are making it into wine!


That’s it, guys!  Top 5 for fall! Now I am even more excited about fall!

What about you?  What’s on your schedule for fall?

Have a great (3-day!) weekend!


11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fall Preview

  1. I may be in love with your top five. Crunchy leaves, chai and pumpkin lattes, a farm. I’m jealous of the way your fall sounds. I miss my home in the fall – its just not the same on the west coast as it is on the east.


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