Goals: September Update!

Last month I redid my 2014 goals. The original goals had fell a little bit by the wayside, so I re-planned and refocused!

How did August go?
1) Meal planning. Um…. This went a little bit better. I tried to do some grocery shopping on Sunday evenings to relieve some of the Monday morning I-have-no-lunch panic and the Monday evening stop-at-the-grocery-store-for-dinner panic. Less panicking is always good. Speaking of lunches… I did do better with packing my lunch for work the night before and actually having things to put in my lunch! There’s plenty of work to be done here, but I did ok!

2) Vary my work outs. There were some new adventures in August, but I can do more! I tried out a spinning class and helped out with a softball game, but also only made it to one yoga class.



3) Half marathon number 2. This went pretty well! I was running on my own, and then mid-month started running with a running group. I’m getting in about 3 running days per week, which I’m pretty ok with.  Here’s the first month, and then weeks 5 and 6.

On to September.
1) Meal planning. There is work to do! I’ve been eating pretty decent meals, but I’ve been eating A LOT. Portion control… it’s so hard! So in addition to working on buying food ahead of time (rather than on the way home from work), I want to work on eating a more proper amount of food.

2) Vary my work outs. I want to try to fit in at least one spin class. Baby steps, people. And maybe a yoga class? My old favorite yoga class is at the same time as my half training group, and I haven’t found a new class I love. I thought I had one, but now I’m not so sure. At first I thought it was just a faster pace than I was used to, and that it was a good work out. Now I’m starting to think that it’s a faster pace, I can’t keep up, and I hurt myself by trying to rush through poses. I am STILL sore from a class on Friday. That cannot be normal. Or good. Might have to try another class…

3) Half marathon number 2. I want to keep on going along with my training group! I’m having a lot of fun with it. The runs are challenging, partly because if I’m by myself I walk a lot more. So it’s a good thing that there are people to drag me along. Or, people I don’t want to look lame in front of and ask for a walk break. Either way. 🙂 I also need to figure out the dang plan. I’m using two. Or something. I had a plan that I started a month before the group plan. Then I had the group plan. So now I have this giant excel spreadsheet that has it laid out by week showing the original plan, the new group plan, then on Mondays I put down what is actually feasible (get the miles in, around other commitments), and then I fill in the actual mileage as I go. It’s a little excessive. I need to whittle down this super-plan into an actually manageable thing. People always do that week 7 of their plan, right?


So there’s that.  Let’s go September!

How are your goals going?  Did you need to refocus like I did?


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