Friday Five: Race Rituals

It’s Friday!  You know what that means.  Yes, the weekend starts at 5:00pm, but more importantly, the Friday Five link up!  Thanks to the ladies of Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up For What and Mar on the Run for hosting!

This week’s theme…Race Day Rituals. Now I know that some folks are super dedicated to their night before and morning of prep.  I am, too… sometimes.

1)   I always make up some overnight oats in a mason jar the night before a race.  Oats, almond milk, chia seeds and strawberries.   Yum!  When boyfriend runs a race with me, he has even started asking for oats pre-race!

2) I *try* to lay out my outfit the night before a race.  But I’m not always very good at it; sometimes I just can’t be bothered the night before.  Ha!  For my last half we stayed in a hotel, so I laid out my outfit the morning before the race, plugged in my Garmin, and then packed everything.  At the hotel, I laid it out again and… no Garmin.  Shout out to the boyfriend who drove the 45 minutes back to my apartment, grabbed my Garmin and came back to the hotel! However, somehow it took him quite a bit less time to drive there and back than it did when I was in the car with him…

3) The next morning, after getting dressed and grabbing my oats for the road, I do another gear check.  After I ran a race without headphones (boooo…..) and a friend ran a race without a bib (super booooo!!), I stand in the doorway and run through everything I need.  Shoes? Check. Shades? Check. Flipbelt?  Race bib? Phone? Headphones? Check, check, check, check … out the door!


4)  Arrive at race… Porta-potty.  ‘Nuf said.  If there is a “Race Day Ritual” list without porta potty on it… they’re lying. 🙂 Only once did I have a still-in-line-for-the-loo problem when my corral started.  Stressful!

5) After the race, find water, and then obsessively check race results.  Why aren’t you instant, results?  I crossed the finish line 3 minutes ago, I want to see my time online! Some races this works out for me (like… the gigantic Shamrock Shuffle) others… not so much (every small town race ever).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

What are your race-day essentials?

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Race Rituals

    • I was so close to missing it once because of the potty line! They had actually released my corral, but the gate was so small to get in there were still a bunch of people outside of it, so I was able to catch up. But that stress was not the way I like to start races!


  1. I’m not an obsessive results checker. My garmin is usually my only means of verifying my personal times until I get home and check the website. But I definitely hit the port-o-potty pre-race to empty the tank. That’s a MUST!


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