Be Awesome

I’m heading off for a Saturday long run, but first, some motivation.  The half marathon I am running in November sends our a newsletter each with tips, advice and race update information.  I usually read through these to see if I can pick up any new information.  Through these newsletters I have learned things like… the shirts are pretty cool.  And that there will be Gatorade on the course, which got me thinking maybe I should train with Gatorade to see if it helps. (Conclusion… Nah.  Water has always been there for me, we’re old pals and we will stick together.)  And this time the news letter rolls into my inbox titled, “Get Ready for AWESOME.” …. OK!  Who wouldn’t be excited?!

The AWESOME turned out to be three tips from the Race Director, Pat Leonard, on how to be… you guessed it… AWESOME.  And ya know what?  She was totally right.  Her three tips made me laugh because they’re so simple, and just so right.

How to be Awesome in just three steps, Courtesy of the Edward Hospital Naperville Marathon’s Newsletter:

1) Your Workouts
2) Your Nutrition
3) Your Sleep

These are all things I know.  For workouts, stick to the plan.  There’s a plan for a reason. Follow it and all will be good.  For nutrition, she says, “Garbage in and you will feel ike garbage during your training runs.”  Lean protein and veggies, lean protein and veggies.  I can do that! Sleep.  Who needs a reason a reason to sleep more?  Well I do apparently. Everytime I tell myself I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable time, and then this, that and the other thing happens and it’s an hour past reasonable.  Ugh.  I need to focus more on sleep!

I hope this provides you some more inspiration like it gave me!

I’m off to be awesome and run my long run!  Have a great weekend!
Head on over HERE to see this edition of the news letter, and HERE for the whole archive!

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