Treat Yourself Tuesday: So Many Treats!

Yesterday was one of those Mondays that was just REALLY Monday-ish. I was calling for a re-do or fast-forward-to-tomorrow before I even got to work. While getting ready for work, I spilled my lunch on the floor and my blender wouldn’t blend my smoothie. Later I found out that while I put the chia seeds in my smoothie, I didn’t really stir them so I ended up with a gigantic chia seed glob of gross in the middle of it. Blech!

Luckily, lately my life has been full of ALL THE TREATS.  Which is certainly not a bad thing and thinking about them will cheer me up! I am going to link up with Becky over at Olives ‘n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday to tell you all about them.  Head on over there to see more treats!

Last week on day the boyfriend brought me flowers!  I didn’t so much treat myself, but it was still a lovely surprise 🙂


Next… food!

Thursday marked the beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON!  To celebrate, we cooked up these delicious baked tacos, from Nicole over at PreventionRD.  Friday for more delicious eats, we went out for crepes for dinner.  These are not your average crepes, they are filled with heaven.  My favorite is the Kickin’ Chicken which has chicken, bacon, cheddar, buffalo sauce and ranch.  SO GOOD.  The dessert ones aren’t delicious as well, but we didn’t have any this time.  I also treated myself to a Hobby Lobby stop on the way back home, boyfriend didn’t even whine, as I wandered around changing my mind 548,205 times!



On Saturday, post long run I decided to treat myself to Whole Foods breakfast bar.  My running group meets about a minute and a half from a Whole Foods, so I have to convince myself not to go every time I meet with them.  That french toast bake?  YUM.  Breakkie Pizza? Fabulous.  And I swear there was some fruit too, it might just be hiding under the post-run carb pile.

Later in the afternoon I treated myself to a Starbucks.  I ordered a “grande latte” and she looked at me like I was nuts.  “What kind of latte?”  Now I was looking at her like she was nuts.  “Just a latte, please. But I will have skim milk.”  Apparently this is not a normal beverage?  It’s certainly my go to!



Sunday, in between watching more football, I made this jewelry hanger! (With some help from the boyfriend… I did not know where the drill and drill bits were kept…).  The picture is a little terrible as my closet is a dungeon, and there isn’t much hanging on it yet, but trust me, it’s so cute. And I LOVE it!

On that cheerful note, I’m off to attempt today’s smoothie.  Hopefully it’s more successful than yesterday!  Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: So Many Treats!

  1. olivesanwine says:

    Ugh, I hate when Mondays feel like a Monday! I’m glad you were able to keep a positive attitude and focus on all of the wonderful things in your life! Here’s to a better day today!


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