Friday Five: Current Favorites!

FRIDAY! Woo hoo! We’ve made it, everyone. And I’m super excited it’s Friday, because that means tomorrow is Saturday. And Saturday is the day the boyfriend returns! He’s been gone since last Saturday for work, and it’s been a bummer. One more day!

Friday means the Friday Five with the DC ladies Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up For What and Mar on the Run! This week’s theme is “My Five Favorite ___.” I am going to go with Five Random Current Favorites!

“These are a few of my favorite things….” Cue Maria dancing through the mountains…

1) Coffee. I don’t think there would be a time ever where coffee would not be on my list of favorite things. It’s warm and cozy, and makes me a much happier person! During the week at work, I am all about black coffee. By the time I get to the end of the week, I have mini-celebrations with “Starbucks Fridays.” It doesn’t happen every week, but love it when it does!


2) Toms. It has suddenly become fall in Illinois. If my toes can’t be free and in flip flops, Toms are the next best thing! Even during the summer, I have a bit of a Toms tan going on. Love. Them.


3) Water bottle. Really, this should say plural water bottles. I have so many. But the latest favorite is this cute guy. He’s glass! Considering all of the terrible things that plastic apparently does to our bodies, I figured I could spring for a glass bottle. I use it every day, and I just can’t say no to cute things. (Side note… “Shirts with thumb holes” could have been number 6 on this list…)


4) Arm candy! And by arm candy I mean my fitbit + Garmin + RoadID that I wear running. I look a little ridiculous, but I can’t decide who would stay home when I run, so I just wear them all. I feel like the scene in Back to the Future where Doc checks like four different watches, and says, “Damn!” after each one? It’s a stretch, but that’s what I feel like. Haha.


5) New glasses! I went back and forth on these when I was at the eye doctor last. Then I couldn’t commit, went home, dreamt about them for a week, went back, annoyed my boyfriend by still not being able to commit and then finally decided I could get them. I’m so glad I did! I really don’t wear glasses much though; contacts win out almost every day. But still! With glasses this cute, maybe they’ll make an appearance more often.


What are some of your current favorites?

Have a great weekend!


21 thoughts on “Friday Five: Current Favorites!

  1. Cute glasses! I wear contacts mostly, but it’s nice to have a cute pair of glasses to wear on the days my eyes are too tired. I also have a Garmin, Fitbit, and Road ID on my wrist when I go out running. My motto is that if it doesn’t bother me, then it’s all good! I love toms, and have a LOT of them sitting in my closet, but I’ve been having some feet pain lately which means I’ve been wearing gym shoes most days that it’s allowed. Glad your boyfriend is coming back in time for the weekend 🙂


    • Thanks! In usually a contacts person too, but some times my eyes just reject them. 🙂 I had some foot problems for a while too. I got some inserts I was putting in my flats and toms which helped a lot!


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