Drop it Like a Squat

Happy Tuesday!  Hopefully your Monday and return to the work week weren’t too painful.  To kick off Tuesday I am going to link up with Jessica Joy at The Fit Switch and Nicole at The Fit Pepper for The Fit Dish link up!  Last week was the first week and there were a lot of great links!  Here’s to week two!

I’ve mentioned a few times that through this half marathon training my knees have been hurting.  This doesn’t really surprise me that much because I’ve got crazy knees to begin with.  I played soccer for about 10 years, which is hard on your knees to begin with, and I got hurt once.  It was high school, so the crutches weren’t used as much as they should have been.  My dad has bad knees as well, so yay genetics!  At the same time, I don’t recall them hurting this much last time I was training for a half.

So I consulted Dr. Google.  Yes, yes, shame on me, but I figured I’d check it out first.  A few articles, Runner’s World and the like, and a few videos later (This one was quite informative), I’m all educated and ready to fix all my ailments. (Ha!)  Stretch, foam roll, and strengthen your quads.  Yes, nothing new.  But why oh why didn’t I hurt like this last time.  And then I remembered.  Last time around I was doing one of those squat challenges that floats around the interwebs.  Maybe I was preventing injury to my knees when I was really just hoping for a nice tush (who wouldn’t!).  The more I thought about it, I remember being impressed with my new found leg muscles when I was training, but maybe it was the squats!  Sometimes I’m a little slow on putting it all together.  So…. I’m going to do the squat challenge again! Hopefully strengtheing my legs will help out my knees, along with keeping stretching, icing and rolling. (I have The Stick.  Loooove it!)

I’m doing this one from Popsugar.  It’s the same one I did last time.  It includes 3 different squats, and then two variations, so 5 different squats which is nice for 1) working different muscles and 2) fending off boredom.  I’m not about to do 200 typical squats.  Booooring.  Make me do a sequence of different variations and I am more likely to stick with it!  I started Sunday evening, so today is day three!

Want to join me? I’ll be squatting away in my room.  On the chevron rug for a little extra cheer.  Here’s the PDF to download and print.  We will all have pain-free knees (hopefully) and excellent bums.  It will be a good time!


Last.  I’d like this.  Just in case I didn’t have enough work out tops.  

Have you ever participated in a Pinterest / Facebook / etc fitness challenge?  Apparently it was a good thing I did last time!


18 thoughts on “Drop it Like a Squat

  1. Ah! I have bad knees too! AND just when I think I’ve been using them enough for the pain to be gone for good.. it comes back!! Squats totally help! I think I’ll join you in that PopSugar workout this evening! Thanks for sharing!! So glad you’re linking with us!!


  2. jessicajoydurfee says:

    I completely understand and know YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK! It’s the glute muscles that need to grow! The same thing happened to me, my right knee needed to heal for 2 months after my first half marathon. But, I was bad about doing my squats. THEN, I started doing Insanity, even became an instructor, and haven’t had knee problem since (1 1/2 years of knee pain free, when I ALWAYS had some knee pain before) ! Now, I am a FIRM believer in cross-training! It has saved my knees! Drop it like a squat! Woot!


    • Good to know I’m not crazy and that this should help! Now that I’ve made the connection, hopefully it will be more encouragement to keep with it! A year and a half pain free? That’s AWESOME! I better keep going!


  3. I love me some squats! I just started adding weights to my squats and I love it! I also do leg presses which are great because you can really add the weight without worrying about dropping weights on yourself! I’ve never done an exercise challenge but I’ve been thinking about jumping on the next one that appeals to me!
    Have an awesome week!


    • I like leg presses too! The weather has been so nice though that I’ve been working out outside instead of the gym. Once it gets cooler again I’ll head back to the gym! You have a good week too!


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