Treat Yourself Tuesday: Weekend of Sports!

This weekend was dubbed by the boyfriend and I as the Weekend of Sports. Which when said out loud, should always be said “Weekend of Spoooooooorts!”

Friday night we ended up with some slightly last minute Blackhawks hockey tickets. This is only the second time I’ve been able to go to a Blackhawks game, and it was just as fun as last time! However they’ve lost both times we’ve gone, so I guess there’s room for improvement. 😉

Saturday morning I drug my post-late-night-hockey-game butt out of bed to go sneak in 10 miles before beginning Saturday’s festivities. I crawled home, and got ready in slow motion (seriously, who can hurry after running 10 miles?) to head up to Milwaukee to meet my parents.

First stop (after Dunkin black coffee, of course) was the Miller Brewery tour! We have gone on micro-brewery tours before, but never one of this size. Um… WOW! Obviously Miller-Coors produces and ships out a lot of beer, but they ship out A LOT OF BEER. This specific facility ships in a 4 state-ish radius. An entire FOURTY PERCENT of the beer they produce goes to the city of Chicago. After this statistic there was much cheering. There were a few Chicagoans in the crowed as there was a Brewers-Cubs game in a few hours about 10 minutes away. Our next stop! The end of the tour was sampling… woo hoo! And it was a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy some delicious beer.


Then… baseball! This is the weekend of sports, after all. The Brewers even won! Not that it really matters, they effectively eliminated themselves from the playoffs last week, but considering it was the Cubs, any victory is sweet. After SO MANY MONTHS leading the division. #Stillbitter. But it was still fun, for being so high up, the seats were pretty great!

The weekend of sports continued Sunday with the Packers-Bears game. But no… we didn’t actually go to this one. We spectated from the couch. Which was probably good, weekend of sports is exhausting! However… I was invigorated after a PACKERS WIN! Sorry, not sorry! Boyfriend on the other hand… extremely disappointed.

And now after all those sports and the accompanying sports food, I need to reintroduce water over beer, and green food over… all the friend things. But it was a fantastic weekend full of treats, perfect for linking up with Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine and Treat Yourself Tuesday! Head on over there to see how other people are treating themselves!

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