Finding Some Balance

An “About” page has been absent from the blog… Until now!I haven’t known what to write. Even though I should have a general idea of who I am, it’s seemed daunting.
We’ll come back to that but, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately.  I feel like I have so much to do, but never manage to get any of it done.  I like to make lists, but what good are lists if you never cross anything off?PostIt
Does anyone else keep track of their lists like this?  I have tried about 450 different check list and note apps, only to eventually have them fall by the wayside because they don’t do everything I want.  Instead a chose to use this fancy piece of technology as a glorified post-it holder.
These post-it note lists, mental lists, and event reminder dingers on my phone (for the ones I really need to remember) have been accumulating.  Steadily.  I keep thinking that I need a break and that it’s OK to take a break sometimes.Yeah! It is! But not a permanent break!  Too long of a break leads to longer lists, more (unnecessary) stress, and if you’re me, a bad mood.  (Sorry, boyfriend).And that’s when it occurred to me.  Balance.  I know that we all need balance.  I usually think about balance when, after a perfectly crafted dinner of lean protein and veggies, I’m scooping myself a bowl of ice cream… for the third night in a row.  That’s called rationalization, not balance.  I need to learn the difference.So when I got home from work the other night, I checked off the majority of my post-it list.  And ya know what?  Four out of the five took me 15 minutes combined.  WHEW.  The last of the 5 involves going to the bank during “normal business hours.” I work during “normal business hours,” so that does involve some pre-planning.  Or some research to figure out how to do it online.  Either way, 4/5 is a win for me.

Sometimes I have to do things that I don’t want to, because they have to be done, and getting them done relieves a burden, however small.  Sometimes I have to go for a run, because I know that it will help in the long run.  Sometimes I have to eat the veggies and not the ice cream because I’ll feel better afterwards.  Balance.

This was all a long way of saying… that’s how my About page was born.  Balance.  We all need it, and I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to keep working at it.



2 thoughts on “Finding Some Balance

  1. Finding balance in everything in life definitely takes time to master. It’s much easier said than done, but once you begin to realize what balance is, it gets easier. I, too, tend to eat something not so healthy after a perfectly balanced meal! One of my favorite quotes when it comes to diet is: “You can’t out exercise a bad diet!” -or something like that. haha Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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