The Fit Dish: Top 3 Healthy Living Tools

The topic for this week’s Fit Dish link up is “Top 3 Healthy Living Tools.”  Thanks to Jessica Joy at The Fit Switch for hosting!  Go check it out and #Dishthefit!

1) Love my Garmin!  This weekend Garmin and I hung out for 11 miles.  (I posted this on Instagram; are you on Instagram? I am now!) I like being able to see how far I’ve gone when I’m out for a run.  Not to mention when I get back home and plug it in it makes graphs and maps.  I love maps and graphs!  I’ve also worn it hiking, biking, boating… any where I can really, just to get the maps!


2) I also love my Fitbit.  Apparently I’m a fan of wearable items.  Want to be Fitbit friends? Find me here!  I need to work on getting in more daily steps, though.  It’s a work in progress.  🙂  But I do love big numbers from long run days!


3) Another favorite has to be my water bottle.  I feel so much better when I’m drinking enough water, and I’m much more likely to drink enough water when I have a cute, water-holding side kick! This isn’t the first time this guy has made an appearance here!


Some other things that could made this list are my RoadID, hydration belt, flip belt, and of course all of the adorable work out clothes I can’t seem to stop buying!

What are your favorite fitness accessories?


20 thoughts on “The Fit Dish: Top 3 Healthy Living Tools

    • The only time I get anywhere near 30k is on long run days. On a normal day, 10,000 is hard! I am trying to figure out ways improve my day to day steps.


  1. Awesome tools!! Way to run 11, too! Awesome! My faves are my pink Garmin, pink & purple Brooks shoes, and all my fun swimming tools like fins, monofin, pull buoy, etc! xoxo Happy Tuesday!! 🙂


    • Yeah! Love my Fitbit. It does make me more conscious of how much I’m moving around. I’ve done jumping jacks before bed to get over my steps goal 🙂


  2. jessicajoydurfee says:

    I love how you love maps! Me too, but I don’t plug in my garmin. IDIOT! Thanks for reminding me. I love my garmin, and I am wanting to get a fitbit. They seem so motivating! Thanks for linking up again. I love getting to know you better. @thefitswtch


  3. I love having cute water bottles! It’s a total money saver too when you’re out shopping or running errands. No need to stop and buy a bottle of water…or be tempted to buy a soda! Ha, that’s the way I see my water bottle-as something that keeps me from drinking something I shouldn’t!


  4. Ok, that’s it! I will break open my new gadget and give it a try! I received both a Nike Fuelband and a fitbit flex for my birthday but have only tried the fuelband so far…I better see what I’m missing! Thx!


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