Race Recap: First Midwest Bank Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon before I started blogging, but I’ve wanted to write a recap of it!  Considering my next race is this weekend,  I figured now was a good time to remember my first one!  The race was on a Sunday back in May. It was the First Midwest Bank Half Marathon.


It was cold the morning of the race! Wait… I forgot some key things. *Rewind noise*

During the week leading up to the race, I was starting to feel kind of icky. That “oh crap. I feel like I could be getting sick but that soooo better not be happening to me” feeling. The days ticked by and I just felt meh. Then I woke up on Saturday morning. I was coughing. My nose was running. My whole body hurt.  And I had no voice!  It was pretty weird.  I could tell I was getting sick, but I was hoping it would hold off until after the race.  Nope!

After an emergency trip to Walgreens, I laid around most of the morning resting and feeling sorry for myself.  I would have liked to continue doing that, but I had to get all dolled up to go to a friend’s wedding shower.  It was a lot of fun! But the massive amounts of chatting (and wine) didn’t really help my sickness.  #worthit.

After the shower I drove to the hotel to meet my boyfriend and parents.  After setting out Flat Kat (which I had never done before… but I’d also never stayed at a hotel before a race) I realized I had no Garmin. NO GARMIN?!  Well boyfriend-of-the-year (now FIANCE!) drove back home, grabbed the Garmin and came back.  I got back to resting for a while.

After he returned with the once-forgotten Garmin, we headed off to pre-race day dinner… Pizza. And this is Chicago, so it had to be deepdish. Unfortunately the service was pretty slow, and I just kept getting more and more tired. After waiting for drinks… then waiting for pizza… and then waiting for the check… we finally got to head back to the hotel. Which ended up being back to the hotel via Walgreens so I could stock my FlipBelt with kleenex and cough drops. Awesome.

The morning of the race it was COLD. I’ve lived in the Midwest to know that it being May did not guarantee good weather, but 40s?! Brrrrr. While we were standing around in the cold (and by standing I mean they were standing and I had my head on a table wondering how I was going to run 13.1 miles when I could barely lift my head), my dad thought it was hilarious that they were selling beer at 6 am. Naturally he had to drink one 🙂

It was finally time to line up and take off!  Had I written this sooner than 6 months after, I might remember more details of the actual race.  I do remember that…


  • The first landmark we passed was a Walgreens.  I wanted to stop and buy all-the-Day-Quil.
  • I kept my coat on.  Why oh why did I keep my coat on?
  • Hills.  I should have trained on more hills.
  • I went out to fast.  I always go out too fast, and regret it half way through.
  • I made some temporary friends… but after a while they slowly started speeding up with out me noticing.  Then I was going really to fast.
  • Getting tired.  Uh oh.
  • Half way! Turn around point!
  • YODA!  There is a man with a Yoda in a back pack.  Impressive.  (It was Star Wars Day… May 4th… May the 4th be With You… no?  Just me who is that dorky?  I was wearing a Star Wars shirt)
  • Oh yes, all the way back the way I just came.  Out and back course? Never again.
  • Hills.  Remember… more hills training next time.
  • Next time? Yeah… right!
  • Ouch.  All my joints hurt.  Still many, many miles to go.
  • Coat needs to come off.  Lets repin my bib to my shirt while running!
  • Ooops… dropped a pin.  That’s ok, still have three left.
  • I shouldn’t have done all my training on a gravel path and then expected to be able to run 13.1 on a road.
  • Oooo! I should run on the shoulder of the road!  That’s gravel!
  • No. No that won’t work.  Gravel paths are not the same as gravel shoulders.
  • 10 mile point!  Only a 5K to go.
  • Who ever says that is the devil.  5Ks are hard, too.
  • Walking walking walking. I like to walk.
  • Oh jeez.  I need to run or I will not make my 2:30 goal!
  • Ow. Running. Hurts.
  • So close…
  • Made it!
  • Ouch.  Crying.  Ouch.


My official chip time was was 2:27:12!  My goal was 2:30!  Woo hoo!

I was pretty much a hopeless pile for the rest of the day.  But I was treated to Portillo’s as my post race feast!  And a nap.  Which I took with my race medal on.

Five days until half number two!  The countdown is on!


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