Friday Five: Favorites

This week has been one of a kind. No really, I hope this week only happens once in my life.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal, but it has sure made for a long week.  Let me tell you a little story.
Monday work was a little dumb come 5pm, I was more than a little grouchy.  I had plans go to go an event at church with the future in-laws, and had some time to kill before hand so the fiance and I took my car to get an oil change and hang out for a little while in an attempt to cheer me up.  We got to the oil change place and they informed me that over Thanksgiving weekend there had been a run on oil changes, and they didn’t have any of my filter in stock.  We said no big deal and went on our way.
Anyway after a half an hour with the fiance, he had me laughing and smiling which was really the point (oil change, hot date, I know), so off to church I went.  And it was a very nice evening with a big group of ladies at church to kick off the Advent season. Afterwards I went to head home, and my car gave an odd lurch.  Whatever, it’s cold.  I don’t move so well either when it’s 15 degrees outside.  I made it a few miles down the road… another odd non-car-like move.  OK call fiance.  Of course as soon as I called him, it stopped acting weird (isn’t that how it always goes).  And it didn’t do anything odd for a while so we concluded it was just cold.
Then all went wrong at once… the car was NOT working right.   And it all clicked in my mind.  They must not have put the oil cap back on.  My first car back in the day had many oil issues, so I am well acquianed with oil-related car problems… it just took a while for my mind to catch up.  I started screaming on the phone (classy moment), pulled over, and popped the hood to confirm my suspicions. Thank goodness for those iPhone flashlights.  They rock.  Of course in the light I could confirm that there was no oil cap, and what must have been all of the oil that used to be inside the engine was now spewed all over the outside of the engine and every other thing underneath the hood.  BAH.
Driving it any more was simply not an option…. soooo…. called a tow truck, police came (just to ensure no one ran into me as a sitting duck), dragging fiance out of bed to chauffeur me, tow truck took my beautiful blue baby to the dealership to be fixed and cleaned up.  All in all, it worked out fine.  I got my car back after a few days, the oil change place has been really cool about it.  It’s all fixed, so no harm, no foul.  But MAN, was that an adventure I could have done with out.  However, it makes for a hilarious story (now that it’s over).
So moving on.  It’s FRIDAY.  Thank GOODNESS.  This week’s Friday Five link up with the DC Trifecta is Friday Favorites.   Thanks to Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up For What and Mar on the Run for hosting!
1) My CAR. I do love my car, and I’m so glad she’s back and good as new. I had two cars before this one that both had a lot of problems. I worked hard to buy it so I could escape constant maintenance (and fear of not ever arriving at my destination!). And she is blue and adorable, those don’t hurt either 😉

Christmas jams in the car!

2) This week brought to you by… Coffee. Sleep was a little sparse this week, starting with Monday when it should have taken 30 minutes to drive home but instead took a few hours and then involvement of two trucks. Luckily I had a free drink from Starbucks that I fully took advantage of. My normal drink at Starbucks is pretty tame, grande skim latte. But when I have free ones? Treat yo’ self! Venti! Extra shots of espresso! Feeling wild? Add some vanilla!
3) Thanksgiving, part deux. Fiance was on doctor ordered liquid diet over Thanksgiving weekend. Ummm? Worst Thanksgiving ever! So on Tuesday we re-made Thanksgiving. It was good, but I have some work to do in the homemaker department. Thanksgiving at Grandma’s is infinitely better. Good thing he already agreed to marry me.
4) Treats!  Thursday after work we went to an outdoor mall close by.  They have a mini outdoor German Christmas market.  Some shopping, some potato pancakes, a brat and a cake pop treat.  Yum!
5)  And lastly, this guy.  He’s pretty great.
Hope you all have a great weekend planned!  I’m hoping to find some time to relax! What about you?  What do you have planned?

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