Dresses and a Race

This weekend was PACKED with fun times.
Unfortunately… there is very little photographic evidence of it. Whoops…
However, I was had so much fun, I’m not even that upset there are very few pictures.

Friday the first stop was packet pick up for the race on Sunday, followed by a Chipotle dinner. Yum! Once our bellies were full, we wandered around the mall a little, dreaming about things we want to put on our registry. Eventually we will actually have to pick things instead of just walking around the store pointing at pretty grown up objects like crock pots and silverware.


Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with a friend. We have opposite work schedules, so it’s always a treat to see her. And the two pots of coffee we polished off at the restaurant were a pretty good treat, too 🙂

I headed home after breakfast to wait for my parents to get into town. My mom and I went wedding dress shopping! There are pictures of this, but as the fiancé occasionally makes a stop by the blog, I can’t post them! I didn’t buy one, but I found one that I like A LOT. But this was the first time I tried on dresses, so I want to check out a few other places. I have a feeling I’ll come back to this one though 🙂 Instead of a dress picture, how about this picture of me showing off my ring (like a cheese-ball)?


After dress shopping was pasta for a pre-race dinner! I had shrimp and scallop linguini. It was fantastic. And I only had one sip of my mom’s margarita. Water only otherwise!

I attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour Saturday night, so I could get up and, ya know, run a half marathon. But all-the-thoughts were running (get it?) through my brain. Laying in bed went something like this.

Go to sleep, self. You need to get up early!
Ugh, so early! It will be dark still!
I bet it will be cold in the dark.
I don’t want to run in the cold.
Why did I sign up for this race again?
Oooo that one dress was really pretty… except for that weird ass bow on it.
I’m cold now! It will be so much worse in the morning… outside.
Gloves! Don’t forget gloves! (I got up… and gave flat Kat gloves)
Do I want white or ivory?
Ivory… but a light ivory?
GARMIN! Don’t forget your Garmin! (I got up… gave flat Kat her Garmin and road ID)
Whew, fiancé would have been annoyed if he had to go home and get the Garmin (again… like last time)
Why can’t I SLEEP?
I reeeeeeally liked that one dress…
I want to tell fiancé about it.
CAN’T! Must. Keep. Secrets!

Clearly it was a long while before I managed to fall asleep.  But I did and morning came, way too early and way too cold.

I put on all my layers, ate my oatmeal, and climbed in the car.  I got dropped off at the race.  I found my running buddies, and before too long, we were off!  I’ll save all the details until later and an actual recap, but I ROCKED IT.   I had vague dreams of a 2:15 race, but I didn’t really put it out into the universe because I wasn’t sure it would happen and didn’t want to be disappointed.  Well IT DID happen… 2:11:36!


I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday as well as Jessica Joy and Jill for the Fit Dish.  The Fit Dish topic for the week is wandering minds during work outs.  My mind was certainly wandering about running… it’s close!

Does your mind take over when you’re trying to sleep?  Mine was out of control!

Goals: October Update

Back at the beginning of September, I recapped how my 2014 goals were going and now I’d like to do it again!

Goals Upadate

So how was September?

1) Meal planning.  I know I am never going to be super planner, at least not now, but I’ve been doing pretty well at eating pretty delicious and healthy meals, so I check this one in the win column.

2) Vary my workouts.  I started a squat challenge to hopefully strengthen my legs and take some strain off my knees.  I haven’t been able to do the squats daily like I had hoped.  On days when my knees already hurt like on days I’ve ran, I don’t do the squats so I don’t aggravate them more.  I also headed back to they gym a few times to work on some arm strength!

3) Half Marathon Training.  This is going great! Next to the knee pain, of course.  I have worked up to a 10 mile long run with the group two weeks ago, and this past Saturday we got a reprieve with only eight miles. Woo!  Here are recaps of weeks 7 and 8, and weeks 9 and 10.  I can see my paces staying steady as the distances get longer, and sometimes even picking up.  Always good to see progress, which is great inspiration to keep going forward!

For October, I’m not looking to change much.  Meals have been pretty good lately.  Cross training isn’t too bad; I wouldn’t be upset with more, but don’t want to burn myself out during half training.  And the half training itself… going great.  Just keep on going!

I’m linking up with Jessica Joy at The Fit Switch and Nicole at The Fit Pepper for the Fit Dish!  Go check it out and #Dishthefit!

How are your goals going?

Friday Five: Bloggers!

Happy Friday!  And can I say FINALLY?  Wowza this was a long week.  Work was hectic…  they’re rearranging our cubes at work so I was evicted to a conference room with a couple other ladies.  Which hasn’t been too bad, it’s just a little extra stress.  Ah well. Weekend!  And there is FUN in store! Yay!
But before we get to the weekend, here is some fun for Friday.  This week’s Friday Five hosted by the ladies of Eat Pray Run, DC, You Signed Up For What and Mar on the Run is all about bloggers!  It was SO HARD to narrow it down to five!  So without further ado… in no particular order… some new blogs for your feed!
1) Back to Her Roots.  I first started reading Cassie’s blog back in 2011 when a friend sent me a link to one of her A Day In My Life posts.  After that, I never looked back.  I’ve been an avid reader of not only her blog, but it was a gateway into all of my blog reading (and eventually blogging myself!)  Cassie shares great stories about her adventures living in Southern Indiana with her family, growing her own food and taking gorgeous photographs of all of it.  She introduced me to overnight oats!  On her blog along side her delicious recipes focusing on real whole foods, she shares fun DIYs and has great thoughts on life.  She is all about seasons of life, and understanding that priorities and goals change along with these seasons.
2) Pearls & Scissors.  Hanna’s blog is on a completely different note!  I also quite enjoy reading DIY blogs.  Hanna lives in Estonia and sews and refashions adorable clothes like this.  And this.  Also, she just got married and you can read about Estonian wedding traditions (which was really cool).
3) PreventionRD.  Nicole blogs about food.  Lots of it.  My love of baked donuts is because of her blog.  She always shares nutrition stats, and I love it when she gives a “husband approval.”  Some of my favorite recipes of hers are Spicy Thai Noodles with Shrimp and Parmesan Lemon Orzo which we made along with chicken.  Seriously, I will never run out of recipe ideas with her site.  She has published two cookbooks; I have the Everyday Healthy Cooking and love it.  Also, she is currently adorably very pregnant.
4) Olives’n’Wine.  Becky both cracks me up, and motivates me.  She is basically a rock star.  She’s training for the Chicago Marathon, just completed Body Pump training, and has the cutest wardrobe.  Her antics running around Chicago (soon to be Florida! Jealous!) are never ending fun.
 5) Life Half Full.  Katie’s blog’s tagline is “living a balanced life with a positive attitude” and she strives each day to live this out.  Throughout each post she shows how she works towards balance in her life.  She posts Weekly Refresh posts, to reset and set goals for the week, which has inspired me to set mini-goals each week as well.  She has a lot of fun in Chicago too, and I enjoy reading about here new adventures and new workouts!
Fave Blogs

Treat Yourself Tuesday: So Many Treats!

Yesterday was one of those Mondays that was just REALLY Monday-ish. I was calling for a re-do or fast-forward-to-tomorrow before I even got to work. While getting ready for work, I spilled my lunch on the floor and my blender wouldn’t blend my smoothie. Later I found out that while I put the chia seeds in my smoothie, I didn’t really stir them so I ended up with a gigantic chia seed glob of gross in the middle of it. Blech!

Luckily, lately my life has been full of ALL THE TREATS.  Which is certainly not a bad thing and thinking about them will cheer me up! I am going to link up with Becky over at Olives ‘n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday to tell you all about them.  Head on over there to see more treats!

Last week on day the boyfriend brought me flowers!  I didn’t so much treat myself, but it was still a lovely surprise 🙂


Next… food!

Thursday marked the beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON!  To celebrate, we cooked up these delicious baked tacos, from Nicole over at PreventionRD.  Friday for more delicious eats, we went out for crepes for dinner.  These are not your average crepes, they are filled with heaven.  My favorite is the Kickin’ Chicken which has chicken, bacon, cheddar, buffalo sauce and ranch.  SO GOOD.  The dessert ones aren’t delicious as well, but we didn’t have any this time.  I also treated myself to a Hobby Lobby stop on the way back home, boyfriend didn’t even whine, as I wandered around changing my mind 548,205 times!



On Saturday, post long run I decided to treat myself to Whole Foods breakfast bar.  My running group meets about a minute and a half from a Whole Foods, so I have to convince myself not to go every time I meet with them.  That french toast bake?  YUM.  Breakkie Pizza? Fabulous.  And I swear there was some fruit too, it might just be hiding under the post-run carb pile.

Later in the afternoon I treated myself to a Starbucks.  I ordered a “grande latte” and she looked at me like I was nuts.  “What kind of latte?”  Now I was looking at her like she was nuts.  “Just a latte, please. But I will have skim milk.”  Apparently this is not a normal beverage?  It’s certainly my go to!



Sunday, in between watching more football, I made this jewelry hanger! (With some help from the boyfriend… I did not know where the drill and drill bits were kept…).  The picture is a little terrible as my closet is a dungeon, and there isn’t much hanging on it yet, but trust me, it’s so cute. And I LOVE it!

On that cheerful note, I’m off to attempt today’s smoothie.  Hopefully it’s more successful than yesterday!  Happy Tuesday!


2014 Goals, Part 2

My 2014 goals are 50% complete, and 50% forgotten.  Time for a redo!

1) I’m going to stick with the idea of meal planning.  I just don’t think that any time soon I will be a person who sits down with a pen and paper, decides on recipes and makes shopping lists, etc.  Now, if you are that person, you are amazing, and I envy you.  But I’ve tried that in the past and it turned out to be a lot of pressure! I felt like I was failing at meal planning.  If I can start off the week with food in my fridge to make a few meals, I’m doing great and I’ll feel good about it.  Those Sunday evenings where I go to the fridge to pack Monday’s lunch and I find ketchup and barely anything that ever grew in the ground are terrible and need to end.

2) Vary my work outs! If you had asked me January 1st what kind of exercise I’d be doing this year I would have said running. Period.  Maaaaybe with a few elliptical sessions and strength training thrown in there.  Since then, I have discovered weight training (is there anything more empowering than bench pressing?!), the rowing machine at the gym and… yoga.  Love yoga.  I have really seen improvements in how much I can lift and in my yoga classes.  I now only topple over once or twice a class, as opposed to before when I’d topple over multiples times a pose.  Baby steps, folks.  So I want to keep going with my new discoveries, and maybe I’ll even find something new and exciting!

3) Half marathon.  But wait, you say, she said she completed this goal?!  Yeah, I did! Finished my first back in May.  When I wrote out those goals in January I was terrified of a half marathon, couldn’t figure out what I got myself into.  Little did I know that 2014 would contain TWO half marathons! I’m registered for another in November.  While I completed my goal of simply finishing the race, there were a ton of things on that day that were a mess.  Some were rookie mistakes (and I knew it as I was making them! But I told myself, “aaahh… it will be fiiiiine.” Famous last words) and some were completely out of my control, like the necessary addition of cough drops and day quil to my running belt.  So with the second half, I’m taking another shot; no more rookie mistakes, and hopefully I won’t be so dang ill!

So that’s it!  Kind of broad, but I’m excited.  They’ll be ways to incorporate more well-rounded healthy habits, rather than just focusing on one specific item at a time, which is a life goal anyway!

How are your 2014 goals going?  Did you have a mid-year re-do, re-group of your goals?


2014 Goals – The Originals

As I mentioned last time, I made some New Years goals for 2014.  I still can’t find the notebook I put them in, but I did manage to dig them up from the depths of my iPhone notes app.

1) Plan my meals.  When I do, I eat better and feel better.  And it’s so much less stressful.
2) Eat at the table. Come on, you’re an adult.  And stop eating when you’re full.
3) Find a new job.
4) Half Marathon. Ice, stretch, repeat. Follow the plan.
I vaguely remember these 🙂

So how’s it going?

1) Meal planning… some days are better than others.  Sometimes I plan on the weekend for a week full of delicious meals.  Other days, like last night, consist of crackers and cream cheese with an egg on the side.
2) Eating at the table… This is harder than it should be.  I live with a roommate, and sometimes after work I need to be by myself.  If she’s already at the table or watching TV I head into my room.  And, sometimes an episode of West Wing during dinner is perfect.
3) Find a new job… done!  That was a long time coming, but I did it! And I love it!
4) Half marathon… done! And it was so exciting (sarcasm) that I signed up for another! Icing and stretching got a little questionable during training.  As did following the training plan.  I got all my long runs in, but some of the week day runs fell by the wayside.

Considering 2014 is over half over (whaaaaat?), I’m going to have to re-work these, both to reevaluate the ones that need help, and work on the ones that are completed! Come back soon!